The Top 60 Tips From A Personal Stylist Online

Advice From A Virtual Fashion Stylist

So you are looking for tips from a personal stylist online? You have come to the perfect place. Over twenty one years I have dressed hundreds of celebrities and professional women all over the world. During that time I learnt a lot about clothes and what works best and what doesn’t. A lot of my advice below may surprise you. Looking stylish does not have to be about the latest trends. Now let’s get stuck in!

1. Don't Be A Slave To Fashion

Say what?? You’re giving me tips from a personal stylist and you are telling me to avoid fashion? Not quite. Take time to find your own style and avoid getting caught up in fads that waste money and don’t suit you. You will look your best when you create a capsule wardrobe of clothes that suit you and your lifestyle. 

2. Get A Colour Analysis

If you have no idea what colours suit you, consider getting a colour analysis done to find out. It is a great way to start a capsule wardrobe. Do it before you start. That way you know that every decision you make regarding your wardrobe will suit you. Be cautious of virtual tests that report to give you your colours. To get this accurate, it needs a human eye. The whole world of skin tones can not be divided into 12. 

3. If You Can Not Get An Analysis

Choose colours which naturally compliment your hair skin and eye colour. If you have dark hair and skin mainly choose dark shades. If your hair is dark and your skin is medium to light choose mainly medium to dark shades. Finally, if you have pale skin, hair and eyes choose light tones. Another thing to consider is the base of your skin, are you cool (blue) or warm (yellow)? The easiest way to find out is by looking at the inside of your wrist; green veins indicate a yellow base and blue veins indicate a blue base. Choose colours that reflect one or the other. 

4. Choose Under Eight Colours For Your Wardrobe

I know that does not sound like many, but if you limit your colours you will find it easier to mix and match your garments. Look at what you have in your wardrobe now and consider colours that are prominent now. If black is strong in your wardrobe, be aware that it might not be the best colour for you. 

5. Have Three Or Four Base Colours

From the colours you have chosen select three  or four canvas colours which will make up the most of your wardrobe. To learn more about selecting colour see my guide to building a capsule wardrobe. Canvas colours are usually neutral; like charcoal, white, cream, beige, stone and navy. 

6. Choose Your Paint Colours

Your paint colours are the shades which highlight or brighten up and outfit. They can be neutral or brighter. If you decide you want all of your eight colours to be bright that is ok too. Remember this wardrobe is what YOU want nobody else. 

7. Go With Your Instincts

In most cases I find that most people instinctively know what works for them and what doesn’t. If something feels good then it likely looks good. Go for it!If you are still not sure get the opinion of a trusted friend or book an affordable online personal stylist. 

8. Avoid The Sales

For the most part anyway. Of course it is ok to browse the odd sale online or inside a brick and mortar. However, I advise you to only do this when you are looking for something specific. Otherwise you might come home with something rubbish you’ll never wear. 

9. An Outfit Should Have Three Colours

Or less… Select two colours and maybe a highlight shade for every outfit. If you have chosen your colours like above, or had a colour analysis, you will find this much easier. 

Shows Girl In A Simple Black Top

10. Choose Colours By Holding Them Against Your Face

Colour tips from a personal stylist include selecting colours. You can tell a lot about a colour by holding it against your face. Preferably choose colours in fabric as it will absorb light differently than paper. You can also do this to help you select your eight colours at the beginning. 

11. Use Accessories To Brighten An Outfit Up

If you love neutral colours and find them easier to mix and match, use brighter tones in accessories to lift and outfit. A bright pair of shoes or boots can finish off an outfit especially of teamed with a belt, hat or bag in a similar shade. 

12. Black Does Not Suit Everyone

In fact black is not great for a lot of people. I see many capsule collections that include black and it is a colour that can really wash some people out. Consider Charcoal or Navy instead. 

13. Colour Can Make You Loose Weight

If you have an area of your body that you are not happy with, you can make that area look slimmer by wearing a dark colour. If one half of your body is wider than another choose darker colours on the widest area and lighter on the rest of your body. A dress like this would work wonders on a pear, violin, bluebell or vase shape. 

14. Add Width And Weight To Balance Out Your Body Shape

If you are heavier around the hips and bottom wear tops with puffy or detailed sleeves and an interesting neck to draw the eye upwards. A puff sleeved shirt, blouse with detailing or a silk scarf will draw the eye upwards. 

15. Black Pumps Are A Classic Staple

A pair of black pumps will be a great addition to any wardrobe and compliment lots of outfits. If you can not wear black choose charcoal, cognac or navy instead. 

16. Take Social Media With A Pinch Of Salt

Those images you see on social media are likely doctored to look that way. Don’t take everything to see as standard. They are blurred and usually add filters.  Proceed with caution. 

17. A Belt Will Finish Off An Outfit

Adding a belt to an outfit not only keeps your trousers up but can also finish it off. Try adding a bright belt to a neutral outfit for a splash of colour. If you are trying to enhance your waist try a wide elastic belt to draw yourself in. See my capsule collections for inspiration

19. Less Is More

One of the best tips from a personal stylist is to not think the more you have the better. The less colour and clothes you have the easier it will be to mix and match them. Try charcoal red and cream, navy white and cognac or bottle green, cream and cognac. 

Simple Minimalist Wardrobe

20. Glam Up The Accessories

If you cannot afford quality clothes, buy the odd designer quality, timeless piece and dress an outfit up with that. A bag, a pair of shoes, a scarf or a good quality hat can work wonders on an outfit. 

21. Save Time

The less choice you have the less time you will waste on decision fatigue choosing an outfit in the morning. More does not mean it will be easier to create outfits. Garments chosen with care in a small collection work best. 

22. Mix And Match

Useful tips from a personal stylist advise to mix designer with high street. Shop For High street basics and the odd designer piece. Quality clothing can be found on the high street. Team a statement piece jacket with a high street dress. Book a complimentary consultation with me to get more tips on starting your wardrobe. 

23. Look At Second Hand

Look at buying your more expensive pieces second hand. Depop, Ebay and Vinted are great places to start. Look at what pricers items are being listed at to get an idea of a good price. 

24. Investment Pieces

Invest in one timeless piece that you are sure will complement most of your wardrobe. Avoid fads and choose something classic that will last you for years. 

25. Never Buy For A Single Event

If you have an event coming up, either buy something you can wear elsewhere, or hire it. Buying an item that you know you will only wear once will sit in your wardrobe making you feel guilty. Be intentional about what you buy. 

26. Day To Night

Add sparkly accessories to a simple dress or jumpsuit to take any outfit from day to night. Choose something with clean simple lines and avoid anything too fussy. 

27. Remove Anything Damaged

Unless you have every intention to get it mended get rid of it or if possible, fashion it into something else. To learn more about decluttering your wardrobe book a complimentary consultation

28. Remove Those Clothes That Do Not Fit

They will never make you feel good. Unless you are actively loosing weight right now, or you have recently had a baby or surgery having clothes hanging around that you are unlikely to get back into is not good for your self esteem. Sell them on and use the money wisely for something you will enjoy. 

29. Avoid Impulse Buys

It is only a good bargain if you’ll use it a lot. If not even if it is £1 it is a waste of money. I know it is hard. That buzz you get from buying sometime will not last very long. Become intentional about what you buy and the reward is so much better. 

30. Use The Hanger Trick

If you are not sure how often you wear items turn all of your hangers around. Each time you wear something turn the hanger back. If at the end of the season the garment remains unworn consider removing it. 

31. Organise A Clothes Swap

We do it. One of the best tips from a personal stylist is to swap with the girls. Get the girls together and organise a clothes swap with the girls. Just add wine. Let’s face it we all need a reason to get together at the moment, so save yourself money, grab some new outfits and have fun at the same time. What is not to like? Sign up to my email list to be the first to find out about clothes swaps near you. 

32. Do Not Overspend

That bag you went in debt to buy will only become another bag and a debt to go with it. The buzz does not last. Either save up for it, I suggest doing it in cash because the cost is then more real that spending it on plastic. Or, find it used or a similar cheaper version of good quality

33. Learn Some Basic Rules

This is one of the most important tips from a personal stylist. Double Denim is a no no whatever the top designer tells you. If fluorescent colours are in, it does not mean they will look great on you. dressing in a frilly dress like a dolly will age and look silly very quickly. Use your common sense and choose carefully items and styles that you know will work for you. Chat to me directly to learn more

34. Don't Stick To The Same Brands

Be open to discovering something new and better. There is nothing wrong with having a favourite brand, but be open to new possibilities too. 

35. Find Your Signature Style

Get the help of a professional stylist if you are lost. Create your own style irrelevant of what is trending. Find out about how to book a complimentary consultation here. 

36.Get Tips From Your Own Personal Stylist

Check this out for how everyone can afford their own online personal stylist. As I said above, I have personal styling gift vouchers which can be used against any of my services. We look at colour style and lifestyle to build the perfect wardrobe for you at an exceptionally reasonable price. 

37. Don't Worry So Much

One of my best tips from a personal stylist is to keep it clean and simple and you can not go wrong. Forget trends and be confident in yourself. Don’t get swayed by advertising or marketing trying to tell you which parts of your body are wrong. Make the most of what you have and feel confident in yourself. 

38. Remove The Negative Memories

I know you kept that jumper because your ex gave it to you but do you use it? Think seriously about items and remove what you do not use. This is a very personal area and only you will know if something brings you joy or negative memories. If it is hanging in your wardrobe, you never wear it but can not bare to loose it, consider displaying it in a display box or something similar

39. Classic Dresses For All Body Shapes

Wrap dresses and fit and flare work on almost everyone. If you are not sure try one. Very few styles suit lots of people, but the two styles above will suit almost everyone. Wrap tops can be great too. 

40. Keep Your Wardrobe Simple

Know what you have and if something is sitting at the back unworn remove it. Stick to colours and styles that you know suit you. Once you have a basic capsule wardrobe you can not go wrong. 

41. Find The Items That Suit You

When you find them, repeat that style or colour when you need replacements. Once you have built your capsule wardrobe and know what works for you both in style and colour replace items with a similar option when they wear out. 

42. Repair Where Possible

If something is of good quality and gets damaged get it repaired. Find a good tailor near you and support their business in the process. Not only that but you also save it from going into landfill. 

43. Straight Leg And Boot Cut Work Better Than Skinny Jeans

This is one of those tips from a personal stylist you might not want to hear. Skinny jeans actually suit very few people. For a safe bet opt for straight or boot-cut medium waisted. To find out which style of jeans suit you. check out this conclusive list of all the styles and all the body shapes. 

44. Wear Expensive Designer Fashion For Less

If you have a special occasion consider renting an outfit instead of buying one. For all the best ways of buying designer clothes for less check out this post with lots of details and tips to get the best bargains. 

45. Create A Waist If You Don't Have One

Avoid boxy clothes if you are an apple or Ingot shape and buy clothes that are shaped into the waist. Add a belt in a darker shade to enhance the effect. A fit and flare dress with a wide elastic belt can work wonders. 

46. Don't Show Off Too Much Skin

Cleavage or a short skirt is the general rule. Unless you are on the beach, any more can look too much. Every body is a beautiful body, but going for one or the other looks more classic

47. Don't Let Fashion Tell You What You Like

If you hate a style don’t wear it. Even if everyone on the planet is wearing it, stand your ground. Be confident in who you are, know what suits you and be confident in wearing it. Naturally you will look good in it with confidence. 

48. Know Which Fabrics Irritate Your Skin And Avoid them

This might sound obvious, but once something irritates you take note of what the fabric content is so you can avoid it again. There is no point in buying it however wonderful it looks if it is uncomfortable to wear. 

49. Stick To Classic Staples

One of the most important tips from personal stylist online is to stick to classic styles. The classic white shirt, the stone trench coat and the straight pair of denim jeans are all classics that stick around for years. Classic pieces can be work with ease and can usually be teamed with a variety of other garments too. 

50. Ignore The Season's Must Have

Next season it will be an irritant in your wardrobe and just remind you of the money you have wasted – again. Buy with intent. Stop and think before you buy anything online or in a brick and mortar store. 

51. Hem Trousers To Your Shoes

If you have to have some trousers taken up take the shoes you will wear them with to the tailors. You can then get the length right. If you are intending to wear them with a few different shoes, take all the options and find a happy medium. 

52. Extreme Trends Only Look Good On The Runway

That dolly dress you bought that set you back thousands because it is ‘on trend’ will age quickly and become your waste of money very soon. Be wise and leave it on the rack. 

53. Natural Fabrics Will Usually Look And Feel Better

Unless you are vegan, natural fabrics allow your skin the breathe, feel better to wear and often look more luxurious. Silk, cotton and wool will usually work better with the body’s natural temperature too. 

54. Can You Dry Clean?

When buying anything consider the washing instructions. If it something you plan on wearing regularly the dry cleaning will end up costing you more than the garment itself. If so find a washable option. 

55. Over Time Dry Cleaning Damages Clothes

If you have something that is dry clean only consider using biological fabric sprays to remove odours to stave off dry cleaning visits. Vodka in a spray bottle works well too. 

56. Remove Bobbling To Refresh A Jumper

Use a bobble remover to remove bobbling from a multitude of garments. Trust me when I say this will become your new favourite device. I love mine and use it all the time. 

57. A Hat Can Really Finish Off An Outfit

Find your own classic style and it will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

58. Learn Your Body Shape And Work With It

If you are not sure of your body shape get professional help. Know how to dress your body shape can make a huge difference to how clothes look and feel on you. Book a consultation with me to learn more. 

59. Not All Sizes Are Equal

Different brands use different factories and patterns bases to produce their clothes. You can go into one shop and been size and another and be two sizes  bigger. Do not take offence because the garment is likely the same physical size. Also be aware of differences in countries too. For example the UK and USA. 

60. Above All Be You

So there you have it my top 60 tips from a personal stylist online. What have you found works for you? If you are looking for affordable personal styling, check out my complimentary consultation page and book in to get one on one help whenever you need it. 

60 outstanding styling tips image
60n tips from a personal stylist image

What Next?

The information given in the post is the best of my knowledge at the time of writing. If you are embarking on anything new get professional advice if required.

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