Where did all of this start?

Welcome to my site!! I am so glad you stopped by. Capsule Closet Stylist was born out of 21 years styling some of the biggest names in the world. 

In 1999, while still at university I landed my first job at The Smash Hits Poll Winners Party dressing Enrique Iglesias and Boyzone. I got a massive buzz from that first job and decided that this was the job for me.

The moment everything changed

However, my life turned upside-down. In 2006 I found myself a single parent to a tiny baby. I didn’t know anyone my area and relied heavily on my work as a fashion stylist in London. I worked with international clients at major events in film, music and TV. 

On the one hand, I would be in the most lavish locations, working with creatives at the top of their game, dressing them in clothes and accessories that cost hundreds if not thousands, and then, on the other hand, I was at home struggling to make ends meet.

For a while, I got caught up in it. After all, I had access to beautiful clothes at a fraction of the price and on occasion, given them for free. It was easy at this time to think that owning all these clothes would make anyone happy. However, it didn’t. I realised that however many clothes you have, if you don’t think carefully about what you choose, eventually, it just becomes that other thing you never wear. And not only that, you then feel guilty for buying it. This is when everything changed. 

Why create a Capsule Wardrobe?

Having more clothes will never make you happier, more popular or make you feel more confident. A small collection of clothes curated to fit you, your taste and lifestyle is the best way forward. Once you become very particular about what you buy, the pieces in your wardrobe start to fit together like your own personal jigsaw. 

What’s my purpose?

I started my blog in the hope of inspiring others who feel overwhelmed with their clothes and unhappy about the way they look. I know how it feels to have lots of clothes but nothing to wear.  I now help thousands of men and women build curated capsule wardrobes that have them looking and feeling great. I still work as a stylist, but I thoroughly enjoy watching my private clients go from feeling overwhelmed to looking forward to wearing clothes the clothes they own. I can’t wait to show you how you too can feel stylish and confident, by building a capsule closet. You can get one-on-one support with my personal stylist online packages, or book a free consultation with me .

Join me, and in no time, I promise, you will start to feel fabulous again. 

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