Premium Personal Styling Online

Service includes;

  • A personalised colour analysis and body shape style guide
  • A live wardrobe edit
  • Personal shopping and a curated Lookbook


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The Personal Colour Analysis 

Identifies colours that suit you and how to use them to enhance your features. Using the Capsule Closet Stylist Colour Analysis will enable you to choose shades that:

  • complement you naturally
  • brighten your skin and eyes
  • allow you to look healthier
  • give you more self-confidence
  • raise your self-esteem
  • mean no shopping mistakes
  • show you how to co-ordinate
  • streamline your wardrobe
  • save you money


The Body Shape Style Guide

Identifies your body shape and gives you ideas on what clothes will suit you best and which ones to avoid. Using The Capsule Closet Stylist Body Shape Style Guide will enable you to;

  • Choose the perfect fit.
  • Learn how to use clothes to compliment your shape.
  • Learn how clothes can make you look slimmer and taller
  • Maximise your best assets
  • Enhance your best features
  • Hide what you do not like


Private Pinterest Board

 A private board to pin the styles and colours you love to get style inspiration ready for the Wardrobe Edit and Personal Shopping.


20-minute Zoom Call

 A quick zoom call to discuss your needs and to highlight any particular problems you want to address in our Wardrobe Edit.


2 Hour Live Video Wardrobe Edit

When getting ready, do you often complain you have ‘nothing to wear’ even though your wardrobe bursts at the seams? Do you often go and buy something else to bridge that gap that also ends up sitting in your wardrobe unworn? Would you like your morning dressing routine to be a simple, pleasant, and straightforward experience?

With my years of experience, I can give you style advice and guidance about dressing in our live Wardrobe Edit. I will help you create a perfect capsule wardrobe with a collection of clothes that will have you looking and feeling great again. I will also help you identify which essential items are ‘missing’ to complete your collection.

During the wardrobe edit, we can talk in more detail about any areas you currently feel self-conscious about and how to avoid mistakes in the future.

Throughout the wardrobe edit, we will go through your closet, clear out any unworn or uncomfortable outfits that don’t work for your body shape and colouring, and identify those items you forgot you still had! I can also offer suggestions for new ways to wear them.

Towards the end, once we have decided what you will keep, I can help you with outfit suggestions. Throughout the wardrobe edit, you will learn what colours, styles, and lengths work best for you and your colouring.


All of the above, plus I do your shopping for you 


Personal Shopping Online. 

Shopping from the comfort of your own home might feel like an easy option for someone who hates conventional shopping. It can feel overwhelming if you are unsure of what you are looking for. It is hard to work out what suits and what does not. You end up buying all the wrong things and then having to send them all back. It is a waste of your time, money, space and energy. With the Premium Personal Styling Online Service, I help turn online personal shopping into a smooth, enjoyable experience curated for you. Having finished the Wardrobe Edit, Colour Analysis and Style Guide, we will have a good idea of items missing from your wardrobe.


A Digital Curated look-book

Curated specifically for you containing ready-to-buy links to items missing from your wardrobe chosen to suit both your skin tone and body shape. The choices will be selected with your budget in mind. Also 30 outfit ideas. The outfit ideas include items in your existing wardrobe plus items I suggest you might consider adding when you are ready. 


A Free Copy Of The Latest Seasonal Capsule Closet Ebook

The Capsule Closet Stylist Ebook is a complete wardrobe for Spring / Summer 2022. The collection includes staple pieces alongside current trends. Options include clothes, jewellery and accessories presented in an easy to buy format and even includes thirty outfit options for inspiration! The Ebook contains visual references with regular, petite and plus-sized sized options where possible, including shopping links.


Three email questions are included in this package post edit


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