Colour Analysis And Body Type Styling

Get ready to revolutionise your wardrobe with the Colour Analysis and Body Type Styling service! My personalised colour analysis will help you discover the best colours and styles that suit you so you can shop confidently and look your best. I’ll take a look at the natural colouring in your hair, eyes, and skin tone to show you how to complement your features with the perfect clothing. The body type style guide will teach you how to highlight your best assets, find clothes that fit you perfectly, and feel confident in your own skin. Say goodbye to shopping struggles and hello to a whole new world of style!

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The ultimate package for anyone starting the perfect wardrobe. Learn which colours and styles suit you and never make a fashion mistake again!

Are you fed up with wearing the same outfits day in and day out?  Never knowing what suits your body type? Unsure which fabric or patterns to opt for?  Confused and frustrated at the shops?  No time to try on various ill-fitting items yet again? Need a quick and easy formula to follow for leisurewear and corporate wear?

Using The Body Shape Style Guide will enable you to;

  • Choose the perfect fit
  • Learn how to use clothes to compliment your shape.
  • Learn how clothes can make you look slimmer and taller
  • Enhance your best features
  • Put an end to shopping mistakes
  • Show you how to co-ordinate
  • Streamline your wardrobe
  • Save you money
  • Hide what you do not like
  • Give you more self-confidence


Colour is the first thing that people notice. Some shades can make you look tired and washed out, others can bring you to life! Why would you choose to look less than fabulous when it’s so easy to determine your own best colours?

The Capsule Closet Stylist Colour Analysis looks at the natural colouring in your hair, eyes and skin tone and shows you how you can complement your natural colouring in the clothes you wear.

Using the Colour Analysis will enable you to choose shades that:

  • Complement you naturally 
  • Brighten your skin and eyes 
  • Raise your self-esteem
  • Enable you to look healthier
  • Help you look younger
  • Maximise your best assets
  • Enhance your best features


5 reviews for Colour Analysis And Body Type Styling

  1. Lucy Fountain

    I found Michelle’s guides immensely helpful. I always struggled a lot with self-confidence and never felt comfortable with the clothes I wore. Since she has identified my body shape and colour palate I find it so much easier to get dressed to go out without having the usual fuss of trying everything on in my wardrobe (and usually still not being satisfied). Her expert guidance has done wonders for my confidence – and with that in mind I’d say you definitely get more than your money’s worth with Michelle 🙂

    • Michelle Barrett (verified owner)

      I am so glad you found this useful. You have a great start to a capsule wardrobe.

  2. Monica Nazloomian

    I booked in for this as i really struggled to find anything that suited me. This guide helped me so much – I know know what to look for and what colours suit me. I have a lot more confidence knowing what suits my shape and what to avoid. thank you Michelle ! best money spent !! I am saving up for the personal shopper service !!

    • Michelle Barrett (verified owner)

      Hi Monica, I am so pleased you found it useful. I look forward to working with you on the Premium Personal Styling Package.

  3. Tori Andrews

    Michelle helped me streamline my wardrobe and created a custom color palette for me that has made shopping so much easier!! I initially reached out to Michelle to curate a travel capsule wardrobe for a three-month Europe tour in JUST A CARRY ON, and well into month no. 3, Michelle’s brilliantly curated wardrobe was still working for me. I hardly had to shop, but when I did, I simply pulled out my personalized color swatches and was able to quickly figure out if something was going to work with the rest of my wardrobe. This has been such a time and money saver so I could focus on my travels and when I did go shopping it was enjoyable.

    In addition to analyzing my colors, I also loved Michelle’s body type analysis in which she helped me figure out what styles and silhouettes work best on my figure.

    She also analyzed my boyfriend’s coloring and he was finally happy with his palette after hiring other color analysts who he wasn’t happy with

    I’m looking forward to consulting with Michelle again to curate my autumn capsule wardrobe!!

  4. Helen Robinson

    Michelle is extremely knowledgeable, approachable and helpful. Since having my colour and body analysis, buying clothes is so simple now and I have l already received many compliments about what I have been wearing.
    I cannot recommend her highly enough.

    • Michelle Barrett (verified owner)

      Hi Helen, Thank you for your feedback it is greatly appreciated. I am so glad you have found the colour analysis and body type guides helpful. Please feel free to get in touch if you need any further help in the future.

  5. Florence Pourtal

    I did the color and body shape and I have learned so much already! I have caught myself checking out the colors of an outfit or what I have in my closet to start rethinking what I wear. It’s also so interesting to realize that I have been gravitating around clothes and colors that mostly align with Michelle’s assessment! I am so happy I did this! I have talked to my friends about it! Finally, I found Michelle to be so very easy to talk to, clear in her explanations and I really appreciate all of the resources that she has available to us! I am now thinking about getting a fuller package so I can continue onto my journey! Thank you Michelle!

    • Michelle Barrett (verified owner)

      Hi Florence, Thank you so much for your lovely feedback. I am so pleased you are finding it helpful. I am glad that many of the colours align with what you gravitate too too. That always helps in your decisions too. Of course get in touch if you want to upgrade to one on the personal styling packages I would be happy to help.

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