Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I will always make sure that you have enough options to get by. The way it works is that we highlight what works for you and what you might consider replacing. At the end I will also work with you to create outfits from what you already own. Do not worry there is no pressure to remove everything from your wardrobe or buy replacements in one go. I give you all the tools to go at your own pace.

I understand it is a lot for some people to spend in one go but I can assure you that you will save in the long run. If you stick to all of the guidelines in the personal styling services you will never make a mistake purchase again so think of all the money and time you will save! 

When you first buy your personal styling service I send a questionnaire out with a series of extensive questions. I ask lots of details from you to get the analysis accurate as if you were standing in front of me. This way I can assess you properly. 

Watch this space. I will be relaunching my membership again soon. Great for ongoing support with after or before a personal styling service. 

We can still work together in the same way. Most of my clients reside in Australia, Canada and the US. I have developed this in a way that works wherever you are. I do most of the work in my own time for you, the video calls can be booked at a mutually beneficial time. If you can not make my normal office hours, contact me and we can arrange something else.  I always work to accommodate everyone. 

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