How To Mix And Match Clothing

a collection of clothes suggested for a capsule wardrobe

Getting Started With Mix And Match Outfits Hello there! Are you tired of spending too much time figuring out what to wear in the morning? You’re not alone. A great solution to simplify your wardrobe and make getting dressed a breeze is by creating a collection of clothes that mix and match easily. When you […]

Perfect Clothes For An Hourglass Body Shape

clothes for an hourglass

How To Dress An Hourglass Figure Greetings! If you’re looking for advice on the most flattering clothing for an hourglass body shape, you’ve landed in the right spot. As someone who has styled and helped many private clients and celebrities such as Katy Perry and Nigella Lawson, both of whom boast hourglass figures, I have […]

Capsule Wardrobe Over 50

four older woman in classic white shirts

Building Your Capsule Wardrobe Over 50 I am delighted to assist you in creating a capsule wardrobe specifically designed over 50 women. You have made the right choice by coming to me for help! By now, you probably have a sense of what your style preferences are, which is excellent to incorporate in the process. […]

The Best Jeans For An Hourglass Figure

jeans for hourglass figure

Greetings! I’m thrilled to hear that you’re searching for the best jeans to suit an hourglass figure. It can be a challenging task, but I’m here to assist you! Now, let’s move on to the exciting part – some ready-to-buy suggestions for every budget. Whether you’re looking to splurge or save, I’ve got you covered. […]

Summer 23 Clothes For A Pear Shaped Body

What Are The Best Clothes For A Pear Shaped Body? So you are looking for the best summer 23 clothes for a pear shaped body? You have come to the right place! Blow you will find options in every style of garment which best suit your body shape – the pear.  Whenever you are shopping […]

Travel Capsule Wardrobe

a suitcase for travel

Planning Your Travel Capsule Wardrobe One of the main reasons people struggle to build a travel capsule wardrobe is that they do not plan it in any way and end up packing way more than they need. There are several things you should consider before you even start packing; How long are you away? Are […]

Hire A Personal Stylist

A personal stylist holding clothes

Why Should You Hire A Personal Stylist? So you are looking to hire a personal stylist? There are many benefits to hiring a professional personal stylist; You can learn which colours suit you You can identify your body shape You learn which styles and cuts suit your body shape. You gain secrets into how to […]

Capsule Wardrobe Colour Palette

Why Is A Colour Palette Important? The correct capsule wardrobe colour palette can make all the difference in your overall appearance. Choosing the correct colours and initially limiting those colours, will make it much easier to create outfits and reduce decision fatigue. Finding the colours that suit you will make you look younger, healthier and […]

Unique Gifts For Christmas

two doggies dressed for the holidays

Online Image Consultant Gifts If you are looking for unique gifts for Christmas, giving someone the gift of their own personal stylist is so much more than it might appear on the surface. Who wouldn’t want their own personal stylist to assist them in looking and feeling their best, saving them time, money and space […]

Book A Personal Image Consultant

stylish woman in a tan skirt and white shirt

What To Look For In A Personal Image Consultant So you are considering a personal image consultant? You have come to the right place. Having worked in this field for over 20 years, I can advise you on what to look out for. One of the first things you should look for is experience. I […]

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