Perfect Clothes For An Hourglass Body Shape

How To Dress An Hourglass Figure

So you are looking for the best clothes for an hourglass body shape? You have come to the right place. Over my 21-year career dressing celebrities, I have dressed some of the most recognisable hourglass women globally, including Katy Perry and Nigella Lawson. 

An hourglass generally has a hip and bust that are a similar measurement with a defined waist. You likely gain weight all over your body rather than in one area and have rounded shoulders, hips and bottom. An hourglass is balanced, so when dressing, you should try to keep that shape equal at the top and bottom and make sure you define the waist. 

Whichever type of hourglass you are, there are some basic rules to look out for when choosing clothes for an hourglass body shape:

  1. Avoid any dresses or tops that hang from the bust straight down. It is a style that will make you look big and hide your lovely figure.
  2. Define your waist and follow your natural curves. 
  3. Invest in the right bra that lifts your bust and have a bra fitting. 
  4. Avoid anything boxy or too fussy. 
  5. Opt for clean lines where possible. 
  6. If you do not mind showing off your bust, choose a wide scoop or heart-shaped, square, V or off the shoulder neckline if you would rather not go for round or oval necklines. 
  7. Avoid bright fussy jewellery, especially around the neck, because it will upset your natural balance. 
  8. Avoid turtle and polo necks because they will add volume to the top, thereby shifting your balance. 
  9. Choose simple flat sleeves over puffy or baggy varieties. 
  10. Choose fitted tops that skim your waist and finish at the top hip to enhance your shape. 
  11. Fitted wrap tops and dresses work well on you. 
  12. A belt in a dark colour will enhance your waist. 
  13. If you are considering a jumpsuit or playsuit, look for a style that comes in at the waist with simple straight lines.
  14. For shorts, choose a style that finishes just above the knee and comes in a medium to high waisted style. 
  15. Choose single-breasted fitted jackets and coats that come in and define your waist. 
  16. Opt for high or mid waisted jeans and trousers that fall straight to the floor from the broadest part of the hip. Alternatively, straight, bootcut and bellbottom can also work well. Avoid low rise. 
  17. Look out for circle skirts that will nip in at your waist or pencil skirts that will follow your curves. Avoid too much fuss or embellishments. 
  18. In dresses, again consider pencil dresses or fit and flare styles. Depending on your height, they should finish at just below the knee or longer. 

Hourglass Dresses

Check out the dresses below which are the perfect cut and style for an hourglass figure. All of the items listed suit all skin tones. 

Hourglass Coats And Jackets

Og you are looking for a new coat, try the fit and flare style or one that can be belted to enhance your waist. For jackets a single button would work best in a fitted style. 

Hourglass Jeans

For jeans go for mid to high rise in a straight or boot cut leg. 

Skirts For An Hourglass

Circle skirts or pencil skirts suit you. If you choose a pencil skirt find one that has decent support. 

Hourglass Pants

When looking at pants choose a style that falls straight to the floor from the widest part of your hip. Have the leg length altered by a tailor if necessary. Make sure you take the shoes you will wear them with to the fitting!

Hourglass Leggings

When looking at leggings choose high-waisted. They will follow the contour of your body better and fit comfortably around the waist. 

Tops For An Hourglass Body Shape

If you are looking for a new top for your hourglass body shape the consider a wide V neck, square neck or a wide scoop. 

Outfits For An Hourglass Type

So there you have it, all my advice and tips on clothes for an hourglass body shape. Choose the clothes above or similar styles and you will easily put together outfits for an hourglass figure. Learn how to create a capsule wardrobe.

Outfits for an hourglass
clothes for an hourglass

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