Capsule Wardrobe Checklist 2022

Your Capsule Wardrobe, Your Requirements

Before you start to use this capsule wardrobe checklist for 2022, you need to ask yourself a series of questions. Make sure that any potential capsule wardrobe fits four needs, lifestyle, loves and YOU! Write the answers to the questions below down because it will help you focus on your plan. If you want a more focused approach download my free Capsule Wardrobe Guide. 

  • What items do you like in your current wardrobe and why? 
  • What do you wear to work?
  • What do you need for hobbies or leisure activities?
  • Where do you tend to go on holiday? Is that regular? What do you need for that? 
  • Do you need clothes to be with the kids?
  •  Are there any special events you attend each year?
  • What is the environment like where you live, and how do you need your clothes to protect you?
  • Are there seasons?
  • If you have seasons, do you want one capsule for the whole year, two for autumn/winter and spring/summer or four for all four seasons?
  • What style do you admire? 
  • What’s your authentic style?
  • Is there something in between the two, and does it meet your practical needs?
  • How long does it take you to get ready? 
  • How do your clothes make you feel? 
  • How do you want to feel?
  • What types of clothes do you need? Exercise, work, formal, etc pr a variety of different styles? 
  • What clothes make you feel good and why?
  • What clothes feel comfortable and why?
  • What do you buy and never wear and why?
  • What do you wear over and over again and why?
  • Are there fabrics that you find uncomfortable?
  • Do you prefer ethical brands?
  • Do you have a strict budget?
  • How often do you go through a wash cycle, so how many options of each style do you need?

When you answer all of these, you will start to look at your wardrobe differently from how you do at present. Build your capsule wardrobe around your personal requirements so that your wardrobe works for you. 

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The Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

Please note the items below are based on someone in a seasonal environment. Select what works for you and your lifestyle. Below you will also find links to where you can buy items in the list. 


(varies with environment, lifestyle and taste)

1 waterproof trench coat

1 leather/pleather biker jacket

1 quilted coat for freezing weather

1 smart wool coat

1 denim or lightweight bomber jacket

1 blazer


1 white t-shirt

1 striped T-shirt

1 charcoal or navy t-shirt 

1 white shirt

1 check or plaid shirt

1 neutral (canvas colour) smart/evening tops

1 embellished smart/evening tops

3 white, navy and beige vests

2 long-sleeved tops in white and navy

2 Breton stripe long-sleeved tops in different colours. (navy and white or red and white)


1 cashmere V-neck jumper in a neutral (canvas colour), stone, navy or grey 

1 bright paint coloured jumper in red or pink. 

1 neutral (canvas colour) cardigan in navy, stone or grey

1 bright paint colour cardigan in red or pink.


1 pair of dark indigo straight jeans (501s are ideal)

1 pair of chino style trousers in charcoal, navy or stone

2 pairs of smart work trousers in black if it suits you (navy or charcoal if not)

1 pair of black leggings


1 pair of stone or navy shorts

1 pair denim shorts

1 smart straight skirt in a neutral (canvas colour)

1 a-line skirt 

1 evening skirt (patterned or embellished)


1 little black wrap or shift dress (or navy/charcoal if you do not suit black)

1 daytime tea dress in a block colour or floral

1 evening dress (or consider hiring if you will not wear it enough)

1 smart jumpsuit in black, navy, or charcoal

1 casual boiler suit or dungarees in denim or cotton


1 large blanket scarf in a paint or canvas colour

1 silk or similar neck scarf in a paint colour

1 black or brown belt choose which colour to go for and match all of your accessories

1 pair of statement earrings – Choose gold if you are warm skinned, silver if cool.

1 pair of stud earrings in silver or gold

1 classic watch with a metal or silver or gold strap. 

1 long necklace

1 short necklace

1 fedora in navy, charcoal or black

1 straw Panama with a neutral band

1 neutral (canvas colour) woollen hat (if you need it)

1 pair of leather or pleather gloves in black or brown

1 pair of woollen gloves

1 statement clutch bag embellished for evening wear. Match it to your gold or silver, whichever you choose. 

1 tote bag for day-to-day

1 rucksack

1 pair of sunglasses make sure they protect from UVA and UVB


1 pair of knee-high brown or black leather boots

1 pair of ankle boots in black or brown leather

1 pair of wellington boots

1 pair of snow boots 

1 pair of flat ballet shoes or brogues

1 pair of sparkly sandals for evening wear (match with the clutch)

1 pair of black (navy or charcoal) heels for work 

1 pair neutral (canvas colour) wedge sandals for day-to-day

1 pair of white trainers

1 pair of sports shoes 


1 pair of workout shorts

3 sports bras

2 sports vests / T-shirts

2 yoga / running leggings

1 fleece

1 swimsuit

Adapt this list to suit you and your lifestyle. For more help check out What Is A Capsule wardrobe? Alternatively, book a free consultation. 

What Next?

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Still Not Sure?

Book a FREE consultation with me where we can discuss colour, style, decluttering, body shapes and much, much more.  I can identify where you most need help and point you in the right direction. 

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