Personalised Gifts In Singapore

Unique Personalised Gifts In Singapore Are you searching for the perfect personalised gift in Singapore? Look no further! With a plethora of options available, you can easily find a unique and thoughtful gift for any occasion. Whether it’s a personal shopping experience, a customised piece of jewelery, a personal stylist voucher, personalised stationery, or a […]

30 Things To Say No To In 2022

an image of 'no' written on the road

If you are building a capsule wardrobe there are so many temptations on the way. The best way to start is to think about the end goal. How do you want your wardrobe to look? What sort of clothes do you need? How should they function? How often do you think you want to replace […]

10 Things I Will Not Be Buying In 2022

10 things i will not be buying in 2022

Choosing The Essentials So you want to know the 10 things I will not be buying in 2022? You have come to the right place. When building a capsule wardrobe you want to choose timeless classics that will not date easily. The clothes need to complement both the colours and the styles of your current […]

The Anti Haul January Sales 2022

Four red cards with letters S, A, L, E,

What Is An Anti Haul? In the Urban Dictionary, an Anti-haul is;‘A term used to describe new products or items from a company, brand, or seasonal release that you won’t be buying. Usually referred to products that create a lot of hype and publicity that most people purchase due to advertising rather than necessity.’ The […]

Black Friday Consumerism

Black Friday board with bulbs

What Do You Think Of Black Friday Consumerism? Whatever you think of Black Friday consumerism, it is here to stay – at least for now. When we started to see glimpses of the American tradition move over here to the UK, I wanted it to stop immediately, particularly when you see extreme images of people […]

Fall Capsule Wardrobe 2021

leaves hang on rope

Is A Fall Capsule Wardrobe Right For You? So you are looking to find out the trends for a fall capsule wardrobe 2021? You have come to the right place. I have looked at both colour and style trends for this season and presented them here, so you have to look no further. Now before […]

The Ultimate Guide To Sustainable Underwear

Sustainable Underwear

Ethical Underwear If you are planning on building a capsule wardrobe, there are several reasons why you have decided to do it. It might be to save space or money, simplify your wardrobe, reduce decision fatigue, or as an environmentally friendly option. In recent years sustainable underwear has become more common whether made from recycled […]

Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe For 2021

Spring/Summer Trends For 2021 So you are looking to build a spring/summer capsule wardrobe for 2021? You have come to the right place. I have been a professional stylist for 21 years, and I have already researched the spring/summer trends for you. Looking towards 2021, the primary trend is Athflow. Think clothes you can wear […]

Athflow Clothing For Your Capsule Wardrobe

athflow collection 2021

What is Athflow? Are you looking for Athflow clothing for your capsule wardrobe? You have come to the right place. So what does athlow mean? Athflow is a follow on from athleisure; It is like its smarter, grown-up sister. 2020 was a strange year for most of us, and the shift in working environments, namely […]

The Effects Of Impulse Buying

effects of impulse buying

So you are wondering what the effects of impulse buying are? Well, they are only good for one of us, and that is not the buyer. A variety of factors can trigger impulse buying; The illusion that you are saving money The fear of missing out The buzz of purchasing As a quick fix for […]

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