Wardrobe Full Of Clothes But Nothing To Wear?

Wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear?

You have come to the right place! Create THE WARDROBE YOU LOVE! I help people gain back confidence with colour and style in a capsule wardrobe that mixes and matches easily. All curated to help save you time and money and to have you looking and feeling great!

This is for you if...

  •  Your wardrobe does not reflect who you are inside
  • You keep wasting money on clothes you never wear (Yep, that was me too!)…
  • Outfits never look the way you want them to
  • You’ve lost your personal style and have no idea of how to put outfits together 
  • You’re sick of feeling unhappy and frumpy, and want to wear something that’ll make you feel confident again
  • You suffer from decision fatigue trying to decide what to wear in the morning
  • You feel so overwhelmed by shopping, you don’t know what suits you or how to put it together

Now Imagine...

  • Having a capsule wardrobe full of clothes that you enjoy wearing and feel confident in!
  • Knowing that everything you own fits perfectly, suits you, and can be mix and matched into gorgeous outfits that you put together with ease!
  • Looking and feeling good every. single. day.
  • Going to your wardrobe in the morning excited about what you’ll wear.
  • Looking forward to the next season so you can access your clothes.
  • Receiving complements on what you wear.


Companies I work with

'Michelle's help isn't generic it is tailored to your needs. Michelle considers each individual person and provides advice and guidance based on their needs. I have learnt so much since I feel like I could sit an exam on it now! Honestly, without a doubt if you feel like you are lost with what to wear, you don't know what suits your body shape or your shape has changed, you've lost confidence, you're starting a new job, or you want to minimise your wardrobe, Michelle's services are without a doubt for you. You can not get better for the price, I have looked!'

Rachel, UK

“If you have a wardrobe full of clothes that make you unhappy, and you struggle to create outfits you love wearing, getting dressed is frustrating and unenjoyable.  

You should have a wardrobe that brings you joy and, that’s why I’ve spent the past 21 years helping thousands of men and women like you dress to make the absolute best of their colouring, style and shape build a wardrobe of clothes they can’t wait to wear.

It doesn’t matter what shape you are, how old you are, or where you are at right now. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any knowledge to put outfits together, because with my experience, I can show you how!”



"I felt good, pretty, and confident. Until now I hadn't received complements in years. Thank you!"

S.W, Canada

Here are the services that can help you build a wardrobe that leaves you feeling stylish and confident

Create The Perfect Capsule Wardrobe That Works For You And Your Lifestyle

In the complete styling service you receive the full package including personal styling, a wardrobe edit, colour and body analysis and the option to add on a personal shopping guide with curated links to where you can buy. You will be looking fabulous and feeling confident in no time.

Take The Pain Out Of Shopping And Do Not Waist Another Minute Not Looking How You Want

This is a bespoke, men’s personal styling service which includes an online wardrobe edit, colour analysis, body shape style guide and the option to add a personal online shopping look-book with curated links to where you can buy. I will have you looking great and feeling confident in no time

If You Are Looking For More Affordable, Longterm Help From A Personal Stylist My Membership Is For You!

For an affordable monthly fee, receive The Members Colour Analysis Book, The Members Body Shape Book, seasonal capsule collections and ongoing support in our friendly, helpful community.

Learn Independently How To Create Your Own Capsule Wardrobe

Learn how to create your own capsule wardrobe with my course which takes you all the way from chaos through choosing your colours and style onto editing your wardrobe and beyond. 

Learn Which Colours Suit You

Learn which colours suit you and what to look out for in the future when building your capsule wardrobe. This personal guide chosen from eighteen different options is perfect for anyone wanting to get very intentional about what they buy.

Learn Which Styles Compliment Your Body Shape

With this personalised guide you can identify your body shape. You will learn what styles suit you and which ones to avoid with several visual examples of every clothing type from dresses to coats. This is perfect for anyone wanting to make shopping in the future a breeze. 

"I am most grateful for Michelle's overarching aim to help her clients "find their happy place". This membership is about being comfortable in your own skin, it does not have to be about being super fashionable, and that is exactly what I needed. Thank you for helping me find my confidence again. "

Helen, Australia

How Does It Work?

Choose which package will suit your needs best. Either get one-on one personal styling / Fashion Styling For Men help or consider the personal styling membership for long term assistance.

Alternatively, if you just need help building a capsule wardrobe you could consider the Chaos To Capsule Closet Course. 



If you have purchased my course you will receive a link straight away to get started. If you have chosen a personal styling option you will receive confirmation from me within 24hrs with further details. 

Either with my personal help or by following the course you will create the capsule wardrobe of your dreams! I promise!

"There is no doubt in my mind that having a personal stylist online is worth the investment. Why? Because I will never again mindlessly spend and spend and spend on clothes that just aren’t right for me and that don’t make me happy. Now, with the help and guidance of Michelle, I can finally explore those styles with confidence. In short: Michelle’s advice really is priceless. I feel an A-lister in the garments I have purchased since becoming a member! "

Sisse, Denmark

Meet Your Personal Stylist

Welcome to my site!! I am so glad you stopped by.Capsule Closet Stylist was born out of 21 years styling some of the biggest names in the world. 

In 1999, while still at university I landed my first job at The Smash Hits Poll Winners Party dressing Enrique Iglesias and Boyzone. I got a massive buzz from that first job and decided that this was the job for me. I carried on for many years dressing stars like Katy Perry, Renee Zellweger and many others. 

Ever since then I have been helping clients build capsule wardrobes they love that they find easy to mix and match, suits their colouring and body shape and has them feeling and looking fantastic. 

During the first UK lockdown in 2020 I created my personal styling membership to offer the same services in a monthly affordable format. 

"Thank you Michelle for giving me back my self esteem."

Kathy, USA

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