The Ingot Body Type

The Ingot Body Shape

The Apple

Your body shape tends to be wider in the middle than anywhere else. You have an average bust size, fuller waist and slimmer bottom and hips with simmer legs. Your bust is usually smaller than your waist. Sometimes you can become an apple around the time of the menopause. It can also happen in puberty. Apples tend to be the most body conscious. 

Your Clothing Mistakes 

You are likely conscious of your body and waistline and feel somewhat uncomfortable with anything that shows off your middle. When women have one area of their bodies that they are unhappy with, they tend to try and find the baggiest of clothing to cover it up. This would be a disaster for you! The worst thing you could do is to cover up your waist and drown your bust in something baggy like a puffa jacket! Long loose tops or dresses are best avoided. Avoid clingy T-shirts because they will only cling where you do not want them to, and large T-shirts will not help either. When buying anything in tops or jackets, avoid anything baggy, puffy and shapeless. Tops with a high neck are a no no. Another common mistake to avoid is wearing men’s jeans, hoodies or T-shirts to cover up your shape. You will only make it worse! 

Your Best Choices 

Your best assets are your top half around your bust and your legs. Next time you are out, go and get a proper bra fitting because we want to draw the bust away from your tummy area and support it accordingly. Over time, the bra straps can stretch so make sure you replace them if they do. Choose tops that have a wide neck that enhances your bust area. An essential style you can invest in is empire line tops. These are styles that have a horizontal line directly under the bust. Choose something that fits nicely around the bust, goes in underneath and then gently flares away skimming over your tummy area. Also, make sure it is long enough to finish just below your trouser or skirt waistband. Capped sleeves will draw attention upwards too. If you are worried about your arms, choose sleeves that skim them and do not cling.

Select tailored, wide-legged trousers with a wide low waistband that have no bulky pockets. Skirts with pleats and a wide waistband will work well on you. Try to find them with a side fastening. Choose darker colours on your top half if they are close to your body. Alternatively, choose a dark top and trousers with a long coat or lightweight cardigan worn open in a light shade, this will draw the eye downwards creating length. Flowy dresses that are fitted over and just under your bust then flow out in an A-line will suit your shape. However try to find something with plain and patterned areas, or wear a dark patterned Empire line top with a straight, box pleat skirt with a flat from in a single colour. Avoid chunky and heavy shoes. 


Select a jacket that has a deep V-neck and can be drawn in at the waist. A tie at the front will help pull you in a little, though do not overdo it. Find blazers with well-defined shoulders that will draw the eye upwards. Darker colours would work best. Avoid boxy, classic style denim or bomber jackets.

Tops and Tshirts

 Choose tops with an empire line under the bust area that loosely skims over the waist. The slimmest part of your body is under your bust, so we want your top to draw in here, and then gently flare out over your stomach. Avoid anything that gathers or flares dramatically though because it will only make the problem worse. Avoid anything with padded shoulders or puffy sleeves. When choosing a T-shirt, select one with a wide V-neck that gathers slightly over the stomach. You will have to make sure the top is long enough to enable you to do this. Make sure the sleeves are comfortable enough not to cut into your arms. T-shirts that are ruched around the middle would work well for you. Choose softly draped sleeves.

Shirts and Blouses

A wide-open V-neck that finished at the bust will draw the eye down. Avoid three quarter length sleeves and choose longer ones if possible because that will lengthen your body. A wide double cuff will draw the eye down away from the area you are trying to cover up. Avoid puffed sleeves and shoulder pads. A shirt that closes at the side, or only buttons up to the bust then opening into a deep V will work best for your shape. 


Avoid loose, long and chunky knitwear and select cardigans and jumpers that are lightweight. When choosing jumpers, a fitted V-neck that skims over your tummy is preferable. Alternatively, try to find a cardigan with a V-neck that buttons to the bust. 


If choosing a swimming costume, select one that supports and separates the bust. Low leg swimwear would work best. Support swimming costumes are available that have ruching around the stomach; these would be ideal. 


Choose a coat that finishes just below the knee if you are taller and above the knee if shorter. A straight coat with either a Nero collar or no collar would work best on you. If you wear it open, it will give you length drawing the eye down slicing your body downwards in three.  A simple, tonal pattern will draw attention to the coat and away from your middle. Alternatively, a coat that is straight but has a line horizontally just below the bust will help define that area. Choose one that is in a different shade to the clothes you are wearing.


Dresses that either have a deep V to the bust or wide-open neck with an empire line will work best for you. You want the dress to come into the body just under the bust, then gently skim over your stomach flowing outwards slightly. Avoid anything too frilly or fancy. If you are short, have dresses that finish just above the knee, if taller you can have them below the knee. Look for gentle sleeves or those that skim your arms rather than cling to them.  


Try to find a skirt that fastens at the side and has a flat front around the hip area. A skirt with a wide waistband that falls into panelling then straight box pleats would work well on your shape. 


With trousers, they should always be flat fronted (no pleats) with a wide waistband. Select a pair that fit comfortably over your hips, thighs and bottom and then drape in a wide-leg straight down to the floor. If you find some that fit well, it is worth having them altered to the correct length. If you struggle to find a pair, it is worth buying a few or having copies made by a good tailor when you find trousers that work for you. Avoid side pockets and choose those that are slanted. Trousers that close at the side will avoid you adding extra bulkiness to your tummy. In regards to jeans, they are best avoided because they are too bulky. Instead choose chambray, or cotton in a dark blue in a similar style to the trousers suggested above. 

Shoes and Boots

In the winter, when selecting boots, choose those that sit just below the knee. If you like heals, choose either low or high shaped wedges because they will balance you out better than stilettos will. Sandals with straps and shaped wedges will work for you too. 

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