Hourglass Body Shape

The Hourglass Body Type

The Hourglass Body

The Hourglass

Your body shape has a large bust, slim short waist and big hips with generous thighs: the classic and popular 1950’s form. 

Your Clothing Mistakes 

You have the most beautiful feminine shape, but the chances are you are conscious of the attention your body has received from an early age. As a consequence, you will likely be aware of your ample bosom and in many cases, probably spend a lot of time trying to cover it up. It can be difficult when so many particularly young fashion outlets cater to women with less shape. The worst thing you could do is to cover up your slim waist and drown your bust in something baggy! Due to your broader thighs, your legs will appear shorter than they are. Long baggy tops or dresses are best avoided. For dresses and coats avoid loose clothing. When buying anything in tops or jackets avoid anything baggy that carries on below the waist because it will only make your legs appear shorter than they are.

Avoid spaghetti strap tops because they will not adequately support your ample bosom. Pencil skirts will emphasise your thighs and avoid detailing like cargo pockets on trousers and skirts. Use tailored and fitted fabrics throughout, including anything in stretch or jersey. Avoid loose jackets and tops that finish across your hips. 

Avoid frills, bows or anything that flounces away from the body, that will take away from the beauty that is your birth right. Keep it simple, understated and slim fitting. Avoid wide belts and side pockets on trousers, smocked, batwing or baggy tops and pointy shoes. 

Your Best Choices 

If you are worried about your tummy, choose tops that have an empire line running horizontally directly under the bust and then skim your stomach and finish just at the bottom of your crotch. The result will lengthen your legs. This works particularly well if your trousers are dark. Other than this, you should make the most of what you have. Wear structures bandage dresses. The 1940’s vamp is the perfect shape for your figure. Be confident and make the most of it! Choose sleeves that sit close to your arms rather than the batwing or loose variety. Choose pencil skirts and dresses that fit around your hips and thighs, enhancing your figure. 


Choose fitted jackets that finish, or come in at the waist. The garment will highlight your slim waist and make your legs appear longer. It works particularly well if teamed with dark trousers. A curved lapel that finishes on the bust follows the lines of your body. Sleeves that are either three quarters in length, or taper to the wrist will appear more feminine.  A jacket with two buttons will elongate your waist,

Tops and Tshirts

 Choose tops and T-shirts that draw in at the waist, accentuating your beautiful shape. Full or scoop neck tops in fitted fabrics will enhance it further. Puffed or sleeves that gather at the top will divert attention towards your shoulders. Do not try to use your top or T-shirt to hide your hip area, and avoid belts or any lines that cut you in two. Wrap tops that finish at the waist will work well for you too. 

Shirts and Blouses

Clingy fabrics in shirts and blouses are your friends. Anything in a fitted jersey or woven lycra will enhance your waist and draw attention to the area. A shirt with an open collar that finishes just above the bust leaving the neckline open will avoid the fabric pulling at your fullest part. Avoid anything with bows or detailing that sits on your waist. A straight simple open line to your bust is preferable and will flatter your décolleté. A shirt that has a side fastening  with an open neckline is your ideal choice.  


Avoid loose, long and chunky knitwear and select cardigans and jumpers that cling. A deep V-neck is preferable. Avoid polo or turtle necks. A fitted cardigan that has buttons that finish at the bust should be a staple garment in your wardrobe. 


If choosing a swimming costume, select one with a lower cut in the leg. Support and definition around the bust area will enhance your shape. Think of the bikinis and swimwear of the 1950s to get an idea on styles and cuts. 


Choose a coat that finishes just below the knee in a slight fit and flare fashion. You want the coat to be fitted at the top to the waist, and then to have a slight flare onwards to the hem. A deep V- neck collar to your waist will enhance your shape. 


Aim for fit and flare again in dresses, but this time those that skim over your waist thereby elongating it. The classic 1950’s style, fitted at the top with a gathered or alined skirt would suit you well. Alternatively, look for structured or bandage dresses that are fitted all the way down finishing just below your knee and confidently show off your figure. 


The pencil skirt is the best option for an hourglass figure. Select either tailored or heavy fabrics with a slight stretch that will cling in all the places you want them to. 


Choose trousers that drape loosely over your legs. Make sure that the fabric does not cling too much around your hips or thighs. If you are a curvier hourglass, a darker colour will slim your thighs and give your legs length. When choosing trousers with pockets, avoid anything with combat style or side seam pockets. Preferably, select trousers with flat front slant pockets instead. Mid-waist trousers will suit you best, avoid any that sit low.   If your stomach area is something you want to cover a little, a soft stretch waist will sit better over your and choose a top that goes well with your trousers, but that skims over the waistband. 

Shoes and Boots

In the winter, when selecting boots, go for taller rather than anything that sits mid-calf because they will make your legs look shorter. Ankle boots are excellent. If you like heals, choose curved heals because they will balance you out better than chunky heals will. Avoid pointy shoes and go for rounded toes instead. 

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