The Cornet Body Type

The Cornet Body Shape

The Cornet

Your body shape tends to have broad shoulders and a slender waist and hips. You have an average bust size and tend to be slimmer further down.

Your Clothing Mistakes 

You hare the perfect shape for the catwalk, designers would love you, but the chances are you are conscious of your body and feel somewhat tomboyish. When women have one area of their bodies that they are happy with, they tend to try and find the baggiest of clothing to cover it up. This would be a disaster for you! The worst thing you could do is to cover up your slim waist and drown your bust in something baggy! Long baggy tops or dresses are best avoided. For dresses and coats avoid anything shapeless and floaty. When buying anything in tops or jackets, avoid anything baggy.

Avoid scooped necklines because they will only enhance your broad shoulders. Run for the hills if you see a shoulder pad, or cut out shoulders. Avoid curved shapes and choose angular ones instead. Choose full length or short sleeves and avoid three-quarter length. 

Your Best Choices 

Angular lines and designs will enhance your shape best. Vivianne Westwood and Allsaints both produce cuts that would suit your body shape. Choose classic and asymmetric tailoring with diamond-shaped necklines that draw the eye away from your shoulders. A flared tailored, skirt will balance out the broadness of your shoulders. Flared skirts with netting underneath will also do the trick. Ruffles around your neck and stripe and check prints at a slanted angle will suit you. Choose A-line dresses and skirts and high waisted trousers to accentuate your waist. Choose slender shoes with a slim heel. When you find a coat that fits you across the back and your arms hold onto it. Do not fall into the habit of just pushing your sleeves up. Find a brand that works for you. Zara and Mango tend to accommodate longer sleeves.


Jackets can be a problem for you, particularly if you are selecting a formal one for work. I suggest choosing one that feels comfortable around the bust and have it taken in a little if possible around the waist if needed. Avoid anything with puffy sleeves or shoulder pads. Pockets on the side of the hip will balance out your broad shoulders. You may well only be able to go to a few brands to find a jacket that fits comfortably across your back and is long enough in the sleeves. Choose something classic and timeless that will last you a long time. A jacket with a peplum could also work with high-waisted trousers. 

Tops and Tshirts

 Choose tops that drape over the bust area and gently flow over the waist. Asymmetric cuts and shapes will work well for you as would stripes and checks that fall at an angle across the garment. Avoid anything with padded shoulders or puffy sleeves. 

Shirts and Blouses

Tailored fabrics in shirts and blouses are your friends. Anything in a fitted jersey or woven lycra will enhance your waist and draw attention to the area. A shirt with a fitted body and an open collar will balance out your shape.  When choosing a shirt with long sleeves, a double cuff will flatter your arms. Avoid puffed sleeves and shoulder pads. 


Avoid loose, long and chunky knitwear and select cardigans and jumpers that cling in asymmetric styles. When choosing jumpers, a fitted V-neck, draped neck, or wrap style is preferable. Alternatively, try to find a cardigan with a collar. 


If choosing a swimming costume, select one with detailing around the waist area that supports and pushes up. Low-leg swimwear would work best. 

In regards to bikinis, select something similar to the swimsuit suggestion, but consider bottoms that finish on the waist, not the hip. 


Choose a coat that finishes just below the knee with a full skirt and fitted torso. You want the coat to be fitted at the top to the waist and then gently flare onwards to the hem. A slim V opening with a wide collar will draw attention away from your shoulders, thereby balancing out your hips. Find a style with pockets on the hips, and that will balance out your shape. 


Aim for the fit and flare styles with draping or gathering at the bust. Diagonal patterns will enhance your shape. Alternatively, look for angular dresses with capped sleeves. Make sure the dress comes in at the waist and flares out again from there. Side pockets will help to balance out your shoulders. A-line from the waist dresses will work for you too. 


You can choose from a selection of styles that will enhance your shape. An A-line, fluted, trumpet, full or fit and flare skirt that finishes just below the knee will suit you best. A full skirt with netting underneath will give your bottom half more shape, thereby balancing out your shoulders. 


You are lucky to be able to choose straight, wide, or cigarette-style trousers. You are also able to wear them to the ankle because of your lovely long legs. 

Shoes and Boots

In the winter, when selecting boots, you can choose almost any height up to the knee. If you like heels, choose medium-width heels because they will balance you out better than chunky ones will. If you do not need to worry about enhancing your height go for flats. Go for pointy toes rather than rounded ones. 

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