The Bluebell Body Type

The Bluebell

The Bluebell

Your body shape tends to be heavier around the thigh and buttock area with slim shoulders, small breasts and a slim, short waist. 

Your Clothing Mistakes 

Depending on your age, you may have found that your lower body has increased in size over the years. The chances are you are conscious of the fact that your thighs and buttocks are a little wider than the rest of your body. When women know that one area of their bodies is slightly larger than the rest, they tend to try and find the baggiest of clothing to cover it up. This would be a disaster for you! The worst thing you could do is to cover up your slim waist and drown your bust in something baggy! Due to your broader thighs and buttocks, your legs will appear shorter than they are. Long baggy tops or dresses are best avoided. For dresses and coats avoid clothing that is loose around your top half, cut on the bias, or made from chiffon. When buying anything in tops or jackets avoid anything baggy that carries on below the waist because it will only make your legs appear shorter than they are. Avoid baggy sleeves and anything fussy on your bottom half. Keep it simple, clean and tailored. 

Avoid jersey pencil skirts because they will emphasise your thighs and buttocks as will detailing like cargo pockets trousers and skirts. Use tailored fabrics for your lower half avoiding anything in stretch or jersey. Tapered trousers will only enhance what you are trying to avoid. Avoid wide V-necks, balloon sleeves and skimpy strappy tops. 

Your Best Choices 

You need to choose clothing or the fit and slightly flare variety. Emphasise your bust and waist while skimming over your buttock and thigh area. Bulking out your top while drawing in at the waist will balance you out. A fitted sheepskin or knitted gilet would do the trick. Choose trousers in darker colours than your top half that fall from the hip straight down to the floor skimming your buttocks and thighs.Bear the length in mind depending on what shoes you wear. 


Choose fitted jackets that come in at the waist. The garment will highlight your slim waist drawing attention away from the thighs and also make your legs appear longer.Make sure it finishes just at the top of your bottom.  It works particularly well if teamed with dark trousers. A wide lapel or neck gives the impression of broader shoulders which in turn balances out the hip and thigh area. A gilet would wok well for you over a fitted long sleeve top. 

Tops and Tshirts

 Choose bright and exciting colours so that the attention is drawn to your top half. Narrow V-neck tops will balance out the hip and thigh area, and styles that come in under the bust and skim over your tummy area will accentuate your waist. Do not try to use your top to hide your thigh area. Think about choosing detailing in your top fabric to draw attention away from the thighs. A pattern in the material or detailing around the neck can all help to balance you out. A cowl or draped neck would work well. 

Shirts and Blouses

A shirt with a wide collar or narrow V-neck will widen the area at your shoulders or draw the eye downwards. Pussy bows and detailing around the bust will draw attention away from the thighs and towards the bust. If possible choose light or bright and exciting colours. Choose shirts that come in under the bust as it will give you definition and enhance your slim waist. 


Avoid, long and chunky knitwear and select cardigans and jumpers that cling but have detailing around the neck. A cowl neck or narrow V-neck is preferable. A wide horizontal stripe at and above the bust area will balance out your shape. A tank top over a fitted sleeved top would work well. The idea is to bulk out the top area, but come in at the waist under the bust. 


Choose swimming costumes with a low cut leg, and that define and support your middle. It is also essential that you choose a costume with bust support. If you feel the need to, team up with a Kaftan with detailing around the neck that finishes just below your hip. 


A coat with a funnel neck will broaden your shoulders. Choose one with either wrap detailing at the top, or large buttons that will draw the attention upwards. The coat should fall in an A-line from the waist to the hem. Alternatively, an A-line coat drawn in at the waist with a wide collar works well for you too. 


A square or V-necked dress that comes into a deep waist under the bust, then flares out from just above the hip would be your perfect shape. Short capped, puff or flutter sleeves will lengthen your shoulders, thereby balancing out your hips. Alternatively, choose a dress with a wide belt that then flares in a gentle A-line from the waist to the hem. A long-sleeved shirt dress with an open neck and wide lapel will widen your shoulders. 


Look for tailored fabrics that have panels and then either flare or have pleats below the hip. Make sure that the pleat does not start at the waist, but at the bottom of your bottom. Choose a skirt with a flat front and avoid patterns. 


If you can find some flat fronted, wide-legged, trousers that fasten at the side you have found your ideal pair, they should not cling to your bottom or feel tight around your waist. Choose a pair that fall straight down from your hip to almost the floor. A tailor will be able to adjust them for you depending on what shoes you intend to wear with them. 

Shoes and Boots

Choose simple shoes with a curved heel. Avoid too many straps or detailing and choose short ankle, or knee-high boots in winter. A cone heel has the perfect balance. 

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