Soft Two Colour Palette

You are in the Soft Colouring category. What this means is that your skin, eyes and hair have little contrast. Your hair is dark blonde, grey or light brown. 

The base of your skin is cool or warm in a medium tone. 

Your eyes are usually in a soft muted tone. They can be blue, green, brown or hazel, or a combination. 

The soft category is often one of the hardest to define. You will likely recognise yourself in other categories too. 

Choose shades in blended tones in your clothing to balance your hair-to-skin tone ratio. Muted tones like Stucco, P33-2 U and 4178U will suit you worn with tones a few shades, either lighter or darker. Avoid striking, contrasting colours.

Choose a mixture of dark or light shades, but ensure you mix them with similar tones. Avoid wearing either all light or all dark tones. Instead, look for muted colours. If unsure, hold the garment to your face and see how it reflects on your skin. A muted tone will compliment you, while a bright tone will be too much. If you have brown or hazel eyes, warmer shades will work better. 

During the summer months, wear mid-tone accessories to balance out pastel summer clothes, and in the winter, do the same for dark shades. If you wear white, select a softer white rather than a harsh one; think more towards ivory. If you wear black, avoid wearing it close to your face. 

How To Use This Guide

Below you will find details of your colour palette. These are chosen from eighteen different categories.

The first group of canvas colours should make up the base of your wardrobe, while the paint colours below them are for you to add to it. Think of the canvas colours as the majority of your wardrobe and the paint colours as the fun on top. 

Finally, at the bottom of this page, you will find some additional paint colours for you to use that are specifically chosen for your grade and category. 

Your Soft Two Colours

You are in the second of the soft colour tones. You may have been a deep but chose to lighten your hair as it started to grey in later years. The softer tone in hair colour now makes you a Soft Two. Your best colours are in medium. Avoid the lighter shades apart from for accessories. Choose medium  shades for your main outfits. 

  • Your skin tone can be yellow or pink-based or a combination of both.
  • Is your skin tone cool or warm? An easy way to check is to look on the inside of your wrist; blue veins indicate a cool skin tone and green veins indicate a warm skin tone. Select either warm or cool colours from your palette that aline with your skin tone. 
  • Another way to select colours is to go by your eye colour, green, hazel or brown eyes are better with warmer tones, and blue eyes will be slightly better with cooler tones. 
  • Select colours from your palettes like 4101 UP, 4265UP, P6415C, 1807C and 2461 UP. Choose charcoal over black if possible, and opt for Succo,  white and Key Largo as your base colours. 
  • If you love bright colours do not be afraid to try 1807C, P1276C, or 2313C. 
  • Do your colours need to look official for work? If so, try P6415C with 9241U, or P1087C worn with P118.1U. 
  • The clothing that sits closest to your face should be medium in tone. 
  • Accentuate outfits with brighter accessories if wearing muted tones if you want to brighten an outfit.
  • Textured fabrics will look great on you. Suede is better than leather.

Soft Two Canvas Colours

Select colours from the list below to become the staple of your wardrobe.

Soft Two Paint Colours

Choose colours from the list below for your fun colours to highlight and enhance your outfits. 

Personal Soft Two Colours

These colours suit the Soft Two skin tone, particularly those with warmer tones through their skin and eyes. Select these for fun colours and blend them with canvas shades if worn close to your face. 

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