The Petite Column Body Type

The Column Shape

The Petite Column

Your body shape is as the name suggests, your shoulders and hip are in alinement, you have an average bust, slight waist and slim legs. As a petite column, you are very likely shorter than 5’5′. 

Your Clothing Mistakes 

If you know what to buy, you can carry clothes very well because of your slim frame. The worst thing you can do is to hide your frame under baggy clothes. This would be a disaster for you.  Long baggy tops or dresses are best avoided. try to choose clothes that define your waist even if they are looser elsewhere. You will have likely found it hard to find clothes that fit your petite frame. It is not worth settling for anything, where possible choose structured. petite brands.

 It is much better to find a brand that caters for your body length. Asos, Petite Studio, and Reformation and some of Anthropologie’s range all cater for the petite woman. For dresses and coats avoid clothing that is loose around your middle and carries straight down with no definition. When buying anything in tops or jackets, avoid anything baggy that carries on below the waist because it will only make you look as if you have no shape.

If you are comfortable with them, crop tops can make you look longer. As a petite it is best to wear block colours and or small prints. Avoid large prints or anything too fussy and it will overwhelm you. 

Your Best Choices 

As you are slim, you only need to concentrate on defining your shape. Flared trousers and bell bottoms will give you curves, and blocks of colour from the top to bottom of your body will work best for you. Alternatively, dresses that fit and flare with slim or tie belts would help give you shape. In jewellery, wear long and slim necklaces that draw the eye down. Wear medium to High waisted as it will lengthen your legs.  Low-waisted may make your legs look shorter.  Use one block of colour in your clothing choices. Simple, bell-flared sleeves and bell bottoms will enhance your body, giving you curves; however, avoid anything too exaggerated. Choose garments that come in on the waist. For formal wear, a dress with a trumpet skirt would look fabulous. Most importantly, wearing one piece like a jumpsuit, a dress or a top and bottoms in the same colour will work well for you. 



Choose fitted jackets that come in at the waist.  A jacket with one or two buttons that close at the waist will give this area definition. Choose a jacket with angular collars rather than curved. Alternatively choose jackets that finish at the waist as they will lengthen your legs. In the rule of thirds, it means two thirds are given to your legs. 

Tops and Tshirts

You can choose bright and exciting block colours in slim cuts that show off your waist. A sweetheart, off-the-shoulder, or V-neck tops will enhance your fabulous shape. Crop tops will show off your figure and make your torso look longer. Avoid polo or roll necks, which will make your neck look short. Avoid high necklines altogether. Three-quarter-length sleeves work well for petite women too.

Shirts and Blouses

If you can choose a shirt for work, look for a button down shirt and wear it with a couple of buttons open it will draw the eye downwards and suit your figure better. you can also look for blouses with bell sleeves. a tailored shirt will give your waist definition.  Flared sleeves will also enhance your shape. 


Avoid loose, long and chunky knitwear and select cardigans and jumpers that cling or skim your body. A sweetheart or V-neck is preferable. 


Choose swimwear in a v or scoop neck. If you want to make your legs look longer choose a higher cut in the leg. 


Three-quarter-length coats will show off your legs. Make sure it finishes just above the knee. Choose one that comes in at the waist or preferably has a tie belt. A breast placket and side pockets will give you shape. 


Choose dresses that are defined around the waist. A deep V-neck will point attention towards your waist. A dress that draws in on the waist and then flares out in a gentle A-line will give you shape.  Avoid anything that has no definition and falls straight to the hem from the shoulder in an A-line fashion. Dresses that finish above the knee will work best unless they are a petite cut. 


Choose medium to high-waisted A-line skirts to add shape to your waist or slightly flared skirts that finish at the knee unless they are a petite cut.

Trousers and Jumpsuits

Choose medium to high-waisted jeans and trousers. Wear them with wedges, heels or flats in colours that blend with the rest of your outfit. Trousers with a slight bell bottom will give your body shape. Alternatively, look at wide or straight-leg styles. Jeans or trousers with button-down details will also enhance length. Avoid trousers with horizontal stripes. Avoid very baggy trousers and jeans. If you have trousers hemmed to your length, take the shoes you will wear them with you to the tailors. 

Shoes and Boots

Choose a balanced heel that is not too chunky and not too delicate. If you are conscious of your height, any heel will suit you. Nude heels work very well for petites as they create length but do not cut the foot off. 

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