Capsule Closet Success Rules

CAPSULE CLOSET SUCCESS is a community-supported group for ‘PAID’ members of Michelle Barrett’s private membership at (2023 version) 

Here are some guidelines that are important to follow in order to make this a supportive and productive group for everyone.

  1. Administrators have the right and will utilise the option to delete posts, comments or block all involvement if defamation or manipulation / persuasion of other members is suspected. 
  2. No Self Promotion of your programs or services and no soliciting other CCS members. No links. If someone asks for your link then it is ok to put it in the comments.
  3. No Affiliate Links. You may share a too, program or service, that you love and use, but please no affiliate links. 
  4. Help each other out. Offer feedback and insight wherever possible. Remember to be kind.
  5. No ‘Facebook Live’ uploaded videos or gifs in your posts (gifs in comments is fine). While we love Facebook Live, we know that if multiples members of the group began to ‘go live’ it would overwhelm and distract our members by the sheer amount of notifications and videos. We want to focus on staying productive.
  6. successes and results can all be posted. 
  7. Enjoy yourself and post your wins, questions, and challenges. Support others, seek support and most of all make progress on your capsule wardrobes. 
  8. Any posts that violate the above rules will be deleted without notice.
  9. Be fair and have fun! 
  10. By joining this membership you agree to the above rules. 


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