Dusk Cool One Colour Palette

You are in the Dusk Colouring category. What this means is that you have any skin tone from porcelain to mid-tone and all that is in between. You likely have dark brown or black hair. You probably have dark eyebrows and eyelashes too. As a dusk you can have a warm undertone to your hair.

You have a predominantly pink-based skin tone with cool eyes. 

You are best suited to darker or mid-tone colours in clothing. If you choose to wear something lighter, pair it with a darker garment in your wardrobe. Choose a mixture of dark or mid-tone colours, dark and medium or mainly dark with one light piece. Avoid wearing all pastels. 

During the summer months wear medium tones, rather than pastel summer clothes. Preferably, if possible, choose garments in the cooler shades of your colour palette or add a little warmth as your hair has a red and ashy undertone. 

You can afford to wear two dark tones together. You can also wear black. 

How To Use This Guide

Below you will find details of your personal colour palette. This is chosen from 216 different categories for different people.

The first group of canvas colours should make up the base of your wardrobe, while the paint colours below them are for you to add to it. Think of the canvas colours as the majority of your wardrobe, and the paint colours as the fun on top. 

Finally, at the bottom of this page, you will find some additional paint colours for you to use that are chosen for your grade and category. 

Your Dusk Cool One Colours

You are in the first of the Dusk colour tones. You have pale to olive skin and dark hair. Intense and dark colours and a few lighter shades will work best for you. All bright colours may overpower you, particularly as you have light skin and eyes. You can wear a full outfit of black. Alternatively, soften the intensity of all black with highlights of 7453CP or 2461 UP. Teal and cool blue tones in various shades will look fabulous on you too. To choose colours from your palette, consider the following;

  • Do you need to look official for work? If so try the 10393, gunmetal, alpine, Deep Depths or Blueberry. 
  • If the clothing that sits closest to your face is medium, muted tone like for example, 4085CP, deep aqua colours like those in your canvas colours, or 2461 UP or 7453 CP to break up your look. 
  • Accentuate outfits with mid-tone or darker accessories.
  • In winter, try to find brighter colours to brighten up your outfits. 

Dusk Cool One Canvas Colours

Select colours from the list below to become the staple of your wardrobe.

Dusk Cool One Paint Colours

Choose colours from the list below for your fun colours to highlight and enhance your outfits. 

Dusk Cool One Colours

These colours, also, suit the Dusk Cool One skin tone because they are cool enough for your skin and hair, but warm enough to balance the slightly warm undertone of your hair. Select these for fun colours. 

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