The Pear Body Type

A Pear Pear Shape

The Pear

Your body shape tends to be slightly heavier around the hips, thighs and top of the legs. Think of the form of a pear. You have a medium bust, a slim, long, waist, and broader hips, thighs. You are often toned around the waist, top half and arms and more shapely around the bottom half of your body. 

Your Clothing Mistakes 

You have a beautiful feminine shape, but the chances are you are conscious of the fact that your thighs, hips and bottom are a little wider than the rest of your body. When women know that one area of their bodies is slightly larger than the rest, they tend to try and find the baggiest of clothing to cover it up. This would be a disaster for you! The worst thing you could do is to cover up your slim waist and drown your bust in something baggy trying to hide your bottom! Due to your broader thighs, your legs will appear shorter than they are. Long loose tops or dresses are best avoided. When buying anything in tops or jackets, avoid anything loose that carries on below the waist because it will only make your legs appear shorter than they are.

Avoid pencil skirts because they will draw attention where you don’t want it. Bias cut skirts will also emphasise this area. Skinny jeans will stretch around your hips and bottom then appear loose around the calves so choose a straight or wide cut. Ankle straps and three-quarter length trousers will only make your legs seem shorter, so avoid them. Avoid skirts and mini dresses. Avoid side pockets on your hips. 

Your Best Choices 

Flares, straight leg or wide-leg trousers that fall to the floor will skim your legs and elongate them.   Loose or puffed sleeves will help balance out your hips. A-line or flared, or fluted skirts would work well on you. Shoulder pads will broaden your shoulders in line with your bottom half. Wear layered clothing to lengthen your legs, a short jacket or waistcoat over a longer top would work well. Avoid anything with side pockets. Choose darker colours for your bottom half. For the evening, choose a strapless dress with a pretty necklace that flares out from the hip to disguise your heavier area and draw attention to your top half. Straight, dark knee-high boots will cover your calves and balance out your legs. Choose coats with a narrow lapel to broaden your shoulders. The coat should kick out slightly from the waist and fall to just above the knee. These will cover your densest area, so they are a good investment for all seasons. Invest in a good push up bra. Wraps, floaty or sequin tops and pashminas will help balance your frame. Pear shapes look fabulous in statement tops that draw the eye upward and highlight the waist, back, or neckline.  Accessories like statement necklaces and earrings are perfect for your shape.


Go to town on your jackets and choose interesting colours and prints if that suits your personal style. Fitted jackets that come in at the waist will suit you best. Jackets that finish at the waist will work for you too. Avoid anything boxy, or that falls lower than the top hip. A wide neck, slim lapel, gathered sleeves, shoulder pads and or puff sleeves would all give the impression of broader shoulders. Make your jackets a feature of your wardrobe. 

Fitted Denim Jacket

Cropped Jacket

Wrap Jacket

More Jacket Options

Tops and Tshirts

 Choose bright and exciting colours to draw attention to your top half. Boat neck tops will balance out the hip and thigh area, and fitted fabrics will accentuate your waist. Choose tops that either finish at the waist or carefully skim the upper hip a few inches down. Do not try to use your top to hide your thigh area. Think about choosing detailing in your top fabric to draw attention away from the thighs. A pattern in the material or detailing around a thin V-neck can all help to balance you out. Puffed, gathered or loose sleeves will broaden your shoulders and draw attention away from your bottom. A sequin or floaty shrug worn over an evening outfit will draw attention upwards.If you like bright colours and bold patterns, choose them for your top half and even mix the patterns. All of this will help draw the eye upwards.  Plunging V-necks cowl necks bell-sleeves and scoop necks work well for you too. Choose more fitted or structured tops to give you some definition. If you tend to be on the curvy side, and are worried about your tummy, choose a top that skims the tummy area but does not drown it. 

Boat Neck T shirt

Scoop Neck Tshirt

Breton Top

More Top Options

Shirts and Blouses

Choose blouses and shirts that skim your body without clinging. Floaty and feminine fabrics will draw attention to this area and puffed, gathered or loose sleeves will broaden your shoulders. You can even include shoulder pads to go a little further. Avoid long baggy, boxy shapes. Choose bright and exciting colours. For the office wear shirts that skim your tummy area and if possible either wear button down options with an open collar, or choose open collar styles. 

Puff Sleeve Blouse

Pocket Fitted Shirt

Fitted Denim Shirt

More Shirt Options


Avoid loose, long and chunky knitwear and select cardigans and jumpers that are lightweight. When choosing jumpers, a fitted V-neck that skims over your tummy is preferable. Alternatively, try to find a cardigan with a V-neck that buttons to the bust. Alternatively look at a scoop or boat neck.

Boat Neck Fitted Jumper

stripe Jumper

Collar Detail Cardigan

More Knitwear Options


Choose swimwear with a medium to low leg. A wide halterneck will broaden your shoulders in line with your hips. If you are conscious of your hips at the beach, choose a sarong in a dark block colour and avoid anything frilly or patterned. Choose swimwear in a pattern or with frills on the top. The swimming costume below has a clever pattern that directs the eye upwards. 

Halterneck Swimming Costume

Halter Swimming Costume

Halterneck Bikini Top

More Swimwear Options


Choose coats in a simple block colour that are single-breasted. The coat should flare out slightly from the hip and can be work either open to draw the eye downwards, or closed with a belt thereby drawing attention to your waist. Avoid anything boxy. Shoulder pads will help balance out your frame. Choose a length that finishes just above the knee. 

Belted Coat

Detailed Top Coat

Single Breasted Coat

More Coat Options


Choose embellished necklines, detailing on the back (if you are brave enough), dramatic sleeves, and belted dresses enhance your best features. A dress with an A-line skirt that gently skims the top half will work best. choose dress that either come to the knee or below into a maxi dress.  For evening-wear choose a strapless dress that draws into your waist then either kicks or flares out over your hips. The strapless element will also broaden your shoulders. Alternatively, choose a slashed, or halterneck that is fitted to the waist and then flares out from there. Avoid anything too short and choose knee-length or longer. A tea dress with gathered sleeves or a sleeveless dress worn with a colourful shrug will work equally as well. 

Flutter Sleeve dress

Wrap Dress

V Neck Dress

More Dress Options


Choose either a long A-line skirt or one that sits on the knee or lower. Alternatively, a flared skirt will cover your hips sufficiently. Avoid pencil and mini skirts. 

A Line Midi Skirt

Flared Skirt

Pleated A Line Skirt

More Skirt Options


Choose wide-leg, or straight-leg trousers with no side pockets and a flat front. The trousers should skim over your hips and thighs and not cling to them falling straight to the floor. Avoid skinny jeans and choose either a loose or straight cut instead.

Flared Jeans

Wide Leg Trousers

Tailored Trousers

More Trousers Options

Shoes and Boots

Straight heels and platform shoes and sandals will help balance out your legs. Choose dark knee-length boots and wear them with skirts and dresses in the winter. 

Knee High Boots

Straight Heel Short Boots

Straight Heel Sandals

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